Plaster highly polished

Venetian Plaster

This one is a biggy.  It has become very popular and can be a lot of work.

Venetian plaster material is generally made of marble dust in a suspension that looks like creamy dry wall mud.

The color is added to the material at the paint store.

The material is applied to the wall with a trowel or knife generally in two to three coats.  Allow each coat to dry thoroughly.

The objective is to get a smooth wall that is completely covered with the plaster.

Since the plaster dries to a flat dull finish, the next part of the project is to burnish the top of the plaster to achieve a marble gloss.

This is usually done using the steel knife with which it was applied or 0000 steel wool.  

If a highly polished look is desired the the last process can be followed with a paste wax burned in with an orbital buffer.

Plaster highly polished

Plaster using three colors blended

Plaster using two colors blended

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